Write a short paragraph , showing the causes and consequences of the Black
 Death, (Minimum five lines), if you want to get a positive mark. .

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  1. Salomé González Rodríguez 4ºD

    The Black Death was a pandemic so severe. It's was a bubonic plague that caused hurled plagued corpses and killed two thirds of the population. Doctors didn't know what caused it. It came from China, don't know why. And there were no cure for that.
    People draw skeletons and there were bodies in the carts.

    In 1347 it reached Europe.
    There were many consecuences such us infected fleas, it makes your tongue all black, fleas on rats, much horror and fear, buboes swellin in the nodes or the increased of taxes.

  2. It started in chine (don't know how), the Italians fled back to Sicily and the Black Death came into Europe in which started horror and fear. This pandemic plague caused acral necrosis from the yersina pestis (a bacteria) and the death in a few days.

  3. Black death was caused by fleas on rats that were infected by Yersinia Pestis. It was bubonic.
    Its consequences were so severe, it caused acral necrosis, black tongues and buboues swell in the nodes. It killed two thirds of the European population, which caused horror and fear. As there were less population peasants did many revolves that led them to have an amenoration of conditions, they could ask for more money. Due to the presence of death in the daily life, people started living for the now and many lost the faith so they were serious persecutions.

  4. Esta muy chula, tiene un ritmazo!! Es pegadiza y la verdad es que te da una idea de como surgió y en que afectó la peste negra.
    Gonzalo Delgado 4ºB

  5. Manuel Blanch Vela 4ºB
    The Black Death started in China, for fleas on rats, in 14th Century. In a few years the Mongols spread it to Europe, in Italy. The epidemic progressed very fast, five kilometers a day and in five years killed 2/3 of the population. Some blamed the lepers or Jews but the doctors didn't know what caused it. The Bubonic Plague caused such horror and fear.