A video showing real war combats. Just watch, listen and if you like, give your opinion.

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  1. Manuel Blanch Vela 4ºB
    Horror, cruelty.They are the first two words that I think when I see this video. The wickedness of the rulers who send people to a hard war.

  2. pablo hernandez 4ºa14 de mayo de 2017, 18:32

    me da bastante pena las condiciones a las que se some tian los atrincherados

    P.D:hay una pelicula muy buena llamada "la trichera" que habla de este tema

  3. Juan José Rosendo Alonso 4ºB:

    La verdad es que me parece muy interesante conocer este tipo de documentos pero me aterra la idea de que hubiese tantos muertos, tanta miseria y que aún siguiesen emperrados en lo suyo. Me parece muy importante el hecho de que sea en color y que se haya podido recuperar porque eso hace que se pueda ver más fácil.

  4. I'm Álvaro Estévez from 4ºB.

    I don't like war themes, but this video was interesting for me. I think new generations will understand better this old videos with colour. In B/N you cannot see the mud, the blood and the conditions they were living.

    In summary, liked the video not for the war, but for the visible hard-work.

  5. I have just watched the video and I´m asking myself why the soilders were so happy??!!! If I were them, I would be, at least, scared. I´m in shock, and I´m grateful that I wasn´t born in the middle of the war. Very interesting video!!! (Beatriz 4ºAC)